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Obama Boston now His arrest Connecticut, Obama seems to Democratic governors, including the governor. Deval Patrick. Massachusetts to discuss the increase in the minimum wage. The Senate passed the bill and the issue of the minimum wage was going to November …
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Report: Technician “single bad actor” Massachusetts the collapse of a drug lab (CNN) – Massachusetts Inspector General report released on Tuesday said that former drug lab technician Annie Dookhan is “just bad actors” in the Boston drug lab once responsible for testing related to thousands of criminal cases, and that the ..
Massachusetts people have more fun than you think. In this state Do not tell anyone, but we are not Massachusetts residents as miserable as we like to think of us – if not the final Gallup organization and Healthways got himself in a recent report. 2014 edition of the “State of American well-being,” a list of …
some marijuana Mass. company lost its license in Colorado , the husband and wife forced to close the Colorado medical marijuana facilities for a number of breaches in 2012, rose again in Massachusetts, including the leaders of the three companies, which had been provisionally accepted by the state in January to run
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The Exterior and Interior Infrastructure:

After selecting the site, your next concern is infrastructure. Commercial apartments with two-three rooms are best. Each of the flats should have a balcony to enjoy leisure times with the family. Private BBQ and pool area is important to relax with the friends. When you are evaluating the interior of the rooms, you should the check the gap between the ceiling and the floors. The floor-to-ceiling height is always an important factor to consider.

Safety and Security Measures:
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After checking the infrastructure, you should look for the security features of the building. Security always stands a primary concern for the people living in the apartments. Each of the apartments should have a separate security system and a locked storage shed. There should be CCTV at each turning of the building for safety purpose.

Kitchen Area and Entertainment Facilities:

If you are planning for long-term stay, then the commercial housing should have a kitchen with latest appliances. You can cook your favorite food in your own kitchen. You do not have to waste time in purchasing food from restaurants. Cooking becomes easier and comfortable when you have all the appliances in your kitchen. At last, you should look for the entertainment facilities. There should be HD television and music systems inside the living rooms to make your stay luxurious.

It’s common to be distracted or tired when you’re traveling and staying in hotels. In this situation, you could be at risk for danger and crime. Keep your wits about you and maintain a heightened awareness of your environment for optimal safety while you are away from home.

Choosing a Location
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Research the area before you book a room anywhere to ensure that you choose a safe location. Local crime and natural disasters are security issues that contribute to the overall safety of a location. Consider the security of the city and even the country, if you are traveling internationally. In some areas, tourists are common targets. Some neighborhoods, cities, and countries are safer than others so investigate crime rates of any area you consider staying in.

Security Measures

Some hotels take specific measures to increase security for guests. A front desk with employees staffing it during all hours of the day and night can increase safety while security guards patrolling the area are another measure that companies can take to create a safe environment for guests. Ask about surveillance cameras mounted at various locations, both outside and inside the premises. Certain areas of the premises should be locked and off limits without the use of a guest key.

You can use a hotel booking network like this to make your reservations. Alternatively, you can book your hotel booking online and save yourself from missing that perfect room. Many of these networks allow you to actually pick the type of room that you want too, allowing you to choose based on the pictures provided.

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A hotel booking can be done from your home, well before you travel. You can use online booking system to get the type of place that is right for you, no matter where it is. In the end, this idea will save you money, time and time again.

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Holidays are supposed to be fun and exciting. The experience you have at the end of it all will however, largely depend on the choice you make for the holidays. Resorts are some of the best you can choose for a quiet but exciting holiday. The resorts differ in size, but come with everything that you need to meet with any holiday expectations you have. The most important part of making your holiday memorable is making the right choice with the resort.

Understand the resort types and choose the best

The fact is there are different types of holiday resorts. The most common include ski resorts, beach resorts, golf resorts, spa resorts and even family resorts. The names suggest the kind of vacation you stand to enjoy from the resort making it possible to match the resort with the holiday you have been craving for. Know what kind of holiday you wish to enjoy and then choose a resort type that will offer you nothing short of what you deserve.

Choose a destination and resort
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After you already know which type of resort you are looking for the holidays, the next step should be to select the perfect destination. Different destinations are famed for different resort holidays so check to see which is best for what you have in mind. The next step should be a research to see the resort options you have in the destination before making the final decision and making reservations for the holidays.


Food Rules

One of the perks of vacation rentals is being able to cook your own meals. Food rules are usually talked about ahead of time between the guest and home owner, but typically what you will find in the refrigerator are staples to cook with, like vegetable oil spices.

Be Courteous

It’s a good idea to put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and make sure the place looks as clean as you found it. Remember that it is not a hotel room. It’s someone’s home.

Have Your Say

If you had a good experience, leave a positive review on the vacation rental site so it will help them get additional visitors. It’s more valuable than a “thank you.”

Some other dos and don’ts:
• Don’t: spend your entire vacation in the rental. No matter how great you think it is.

• Do: Get out and visit your surroundings. If it’s woodsy, go for hikes and explore. If it’s urban, go about it on foot.
• Don’t: Show up unprepared for your vacation.
• Do: Plan ahead by checking out what you rental includes. And what it doesn’t include. While most do some with linens, Wi-Fi or other things that you may consider essential, it is not smart to assume that every home works the same way.
• Don’t: Sign the owner or manager’s rental agreement without reading all of it.
• Do: Take a look at the fine print and make sue you understand the terms of your rental before booking.

For people who are craving a serious break from their normally stressful life, there are packages that are all about soothing and rejuvenating the body. If what they’re after are relaxation and quiet, they can have those and even some well-being add-ons, such as massages and yoga sessions. Couples who want to indulge in a luxuriously intimate holiday to celebrate their romance will find everything from amazing honeymoon packages to cheeky couple’s weekend getaways.

Besides the romantic setting, they can take advantage of offers such as sumptuous picnic hampers and chocolate fondue platters. Whether they have been married a long time or have just embarked upon a relationship, they can be certain that these romantic packages will draw them closer to each other and give them a memorable vacation.

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A holiday is never complete without the right accommodation. This is an important aspect to consider since it can determine how comfortable you end up feeling throughout the holiday. Your accommodation can also determine how relaxing your holiday turns out to be. Hotels are the most popular when it comes to holiday accommodation. Luckily, holiday destinations have the hotels in plenty. Your homework will be to choose one that meets the holiday expectations you have.

1. Go through hotel reviews. They work effectively in letting you know what to expect from the hotel you are settling for. There are sites dedicated to comparing holiday accommodations and from such you can gather as much as possible on your hotel. You also get to know of experiences from customers who have been to the hotel for holidays. Making your choice is easy with such reviews.

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2. Check the onsite facilities. These facilities will determine the overall convenience and experience you have while at the hotel. The choice should match your preferences. For instance, if you love swimming you should consider a hotel that has a pool at your disposal. The same goes for other facilities such as golf course, restaurant and spa.

Secondly, choose your flights carefully, and let it be known that you are flexible, particularly if you are considering and upgrade. You can also save money by taking alternate routes – they may take a little longer but you may get better value. Taking this direction means that you are shaping your travel around the airline’s programs.

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Thirdly, when traveling on budget airlines, take a snack and purchase a drink at the airport. You will know what you are eating and it will be good! Make sure that your cabin bag (and your check-in bag) comply with the airlines requirements. However, do take the items that make ‘congested flying’ a little more comfortable, like noise-cancelling earphones, eye mask and small pillow.

Weekend fares are usually higher as the demand is also high. You should also try and book the very early morning and late in the night flights as these flights have less demand and therefore lower fares. When booking and comparing prices, you should keep in mind the taxes levied on the tickets. Some cheap flights airlines will have the fares indicated inclusive of taxes while others exclude taxes. official
Case in point is British Airways that founded their cheap flights airline subsidiary called Go. KLM also started a franchise for low fare flights called Buzz. However, Buzz was bought by Ryanair and Go by easyJet after the former owning airlines recorded losses from these cheap flights subsidiaries. Today, easyJet and Ryanair are the most successful low rates flights companies operating in Europe. With the economic recession and the hard hit on the airlines industry, analysts project that the trend on cheap fare flights will continue to grow into the future. They project that low rates flights will also take the long distant routes which are currently predominated by the large regular airlines.

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It is unlikely that the airline will ask you how they can serve you better. During these changing times. It is far better for you to understand that system and take advantage of any gaps. Nevertheless, thorough planning is a great start and a discussion with your travel advisor may also provide a few extra hints. Happy traveling on the new improved airplanes.

How to book your travel

Before planning to travel abroad, a very important thing is to buy flight tickets. Options for purchasing international flights are plenty making it hard for you to know if you are getting the best deal.

1. So you may visit a particular airline’s website, search for fares and book international tickets using frequent flier program directly from the airline.
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2. Use airfare aggregator to compare and get best available fares over a long period of time.

3. For highly complicated travel plans like many different continents in haphazard order along with stay, local travel, sightseeing and etc., do consult a travel agency.

Some other important aspects

1. Check on all required travel documents before you start, keep a set of photocopies of all the journey documents at home to help you if originals are lost or stolen.

2. Prepare yourself to handle money overseas and learn about the travel alerts and warnings for the destination you are travelling to. Even learn about the local customs and laws.

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All these are only a few pointers among the elaborate guidelines available over the internet and in guide books which you must know before you travel abroad to help you be tension free and enjoy your trip thoroughly.

Tactic Two – Upgrades For Regular Frequent Flyers:

Frequent flyers that stay loyal with one airline usually collect a lot of air miles on every flight with the same airline. Usually airlines offer a lot of cool benefits to those travelers who frequently fly with them. Hence these airlines, upgrade their loyal customers to business class for free without any charges.
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The higher number of miles you have and the higher number of your traveling is with the airline the more chance you have for the upgrade. The best way to know about cabin upgrades is by calling the airline and asking them about whether they will be starting the cabin upgrades, the worst answer they can give is a “No”, so that’s alright taking a chance won’t cost you anything.

Tactic Three – Dress To Influence:

In addition to the tactic I first told, add this one as well your overall dressing has a huge impact on getting you a business upgrade. It is just like going for a job interview, your overall appearance is very important for making an impression that you should be considered for the job or not. Similarly, if you are dressed in a professional manner then you air attendant will take you seriously for a business class upgrade. Again, this is not guaranteed method but can improve your chances for the upgrade.

Chennai to Melbourne Flights

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Most of the flights operated by this carrier and its associates are scheduled early in the morning. The first flight in all these options is operated by British Airways from Chennai International Airport at 5.30 am. It is worth mentioning that travellers simply have to make American Airlines booking, and rest is managed by carriers themselves. The first stopover on this route is London Heathrow Airport (LHR), where it reaches at 11.55 am. The next flight under this option is scheduled to Charlotte (CLT). This service is offered by the US Airways and the schedule departure is 2.25 pm. It reaches CLT at 6.25 and from there, the next service to Melbourne (MLB) is scheduled at 10.20 pm, offered by US Airways Express-PSA Airlines.

In the other option also, BA operates Chennai to London flight at 5.31 am followed by the US Airways flight to CLT. From there US Airways Express-PSA Airlines carries passengers to MLB and reaches there at 1.12 pm. Similarly, under the next option, which remains similar to previous two till Charlotte, the flight from CLT is scheduled at 5.50 pm. It reaches MLB at 7.23 pm and can be opted by people, who do not mid spending a few extra hours at the terminal.

Being a frequent traveler many novice travelers come to me and ask that what is the best time to book a flight? In my opinion, this is a golden question with absolutely no 100% proper answers. Here are some tips which I consider when I’m booking my flight and these tips I have learned from my previous experiences.

Which Is The Right Day For Booking?

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According to experienced travelers the less-popular days are the cheapest to fly at and they are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The most popular days for flying are Fridays and Sundays, one should not only consider the cheapest days for flying time is also important for getting a cheap flight.

What Time Is Right For Flying? washington airfare deals
Apart from considering the days of flying one should also consider the time, many traveler think that afternoon is the best time to fly where as they are wrong. The airports are less rushy at midnight and in the early morning hours these two time durations are best for flying and even getting a ticket at an economical price.

India emerged as a significant market in the international aviation industry along with China, Brazil and Japan. Hence, global operators are looking forward to increase their international flight booking options to and from India in order to capitalise the opportunity. The international sales director of Austrian Airlines recently said that the Indian aviation market is highly competitive and growing at a fast pace.

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He also added that the company is looking forward to corner a larger share of the Indian market by offering unique products and services. India is one of the largest markets for the carrier and hence, it has a know-how of challenges and competitions in the market.

Austrian Airlines

The national airline of Austria, Austrian Airlines is often referred as Austrian. It is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group and has its headquarters at Vienna International Airport. This airport is also the primary hub of the carrier, and most of its operations are monitored from here. Currently, the carrier serves around 130 domestic and international destinations all across the globe.

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It is also a part of the Star alliance that significantly increases options in the Austrian Airlines flight booking list. This carrier has been awarded by a number of industry watchers. It is also one of the few airlines awarded 4-star rating by SKYTRAX. For long-haul journeys, this agency has awarded it 5-star rating for both the Business and Economy Classes. This ensures that the carrier offers top-notch facilities to passengers during the journey. People who are looking forward to a similar experience can also opt for Malaysia Airlines booking. This carrier has been awarded 5-star rating by SKYTRAX. However, here is a list of services offered by the former one to attract Indian customers.

High Demand on International Routes

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Apart from Jet Airways, other carriers of the country also added more options in their international flight schedules. Recently, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) asked Indian airlines to operate more overseas flights. Considering the significant rise in the international passenger traffic in the past few months, these additions can prove to be quite lucrative for airlines. The director of the organisation suggested IndiGo, SpiceJet and Jet Airways that it can be a viable business for them. Not only India, other countries are also promoting global operations. For instance, new services have been added in the Thai Airways flight schedule as well.

Well-Equipped Airports

Apart from a lucrative business, these additions are also a result of the improved amenities and services at airports. A number of terminals recently underwent through renovations and many changes. The government also announced constructions of many new ones in the country with the world class facilities.

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For instance, the construction of the Chandigarh airport is in accord with the standards followed all across the globe. This will attract global carriers to extend their services in the country. People can soon see an increase in Etihad, Lufthansa and British Airways online booking options.

Renting a car means giving yourself time to relax.

•Avoid putting excess wear and tear on your personal vehicle
•Lower your maintenance and repair costs over time
•If your car model is older, car rental helps you save money on fuel on a long distance trip
•Avoid hassles of finding an appropriate vehicle to pick you up from railway station or airport, and waiting for hours
•Avoid hassles of sudden break down and urgent repairing needs
•Drive over the roads that are less favorable, without stress

In a nutshell, get peace of mind and enjoy the journey!

A typical car rental agency offers:

•Local city tours – City tours covering tourist attractions within the city
•Intra-city transfer – From one place to another
•Airport/railway station transfer – Railway station/airport pick & drop
•Inter-city/outstation tours – From one city to another
•Multi-city travel – A week or more days trip covering multiple cities
•Sightseeing – A tour covering all tourist attractions you wish to visit

car rental tips

Lots of car rental companies are going the extra mile just to provide their customers with better services and traveling experience.
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Additional benefits of car rental services:

•Easy booking process
•Several payment options
•Convenience & comfort
•Car accessories
•Pick-up & drop
•Support services
•Budget & luxury vehicles
•Choice of vehicles
•Professional drivers
•Competitive discount coupons/offers

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Once you have locked in the best holiday destination and found a great hotel to stay at, the next thing that should bother you is the most convenient means of transport. Rather than having to wait for bus or train or drive a car all the way on your own, having a rental car can give you a huge advantage. It’s definitely a better idea to hire a taxi for entire trip than paying for a taxi every time you want to go somewhere.

However; with enormous options of professional car rentals available these days, it could be a daunting task to find the right one suitable to your journey, budget, and other important constraints. Before hiring a car rental services or booking car online, you need to consider a few points in order to get the best out of the lot. With the best car rental services by your side, you can enjoy the convenience of having a safe and comfortable ride to the desired destination.

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The biggest benefit for many travelers is not having to rely on public transport. While certain areas enjoy fantastic public transport networks and services, it can cause you to work according to their time table, cutting short an excursion or forcing you to only leave the hotel at a set time, not offering you the ability to work to your own schedule. In addition to this, depending on how much exploring you want to do, car hire services can work out cheaper than public transport, reducing your travel expenses considerably.

Most of the car hire services come with break down cover included. This can be a huge benefit when traveling in a foreign country. In the event the vehicle breaks down, the company provides you with a number you can call who will arrive and assist you. In this type of situation, most companies will provide you with a replacement vehicle at no additional cost.

Of course the advantage to choosing a car hire service is that all the vehicles available are maintained and serviced to a high standard, ensuring the vehicle you drive away in is safe.
Tips for Earning Miles
Surprisingly what many people don’t realize is that hiring a car is affordable. Most companies offer a set price for the duration you need the car, so you know what you will have to pay and can easily incorporate that into your travel budget.

Never leave your bags unattended. This is federal law and it is for everyone’s safety. An unattended bag may indicate to security that there is danger with the materials in it and you may lose your bag. There is also the danger of theft.
Knowing ahead of time what to expect at airports and travel will make your trip a lot easier. Planning ahead and being prepared is the best advice you can get. And allow plenty of time at your departure location so you do not have to stress about missing your flight.

From the marina, you will then ride out to the coast of Dubai where you can see a stretch of pristine white sand beach glittering in the waning light of the sun. From this view, the iconic Burj Al Arab looks even more majestic and awe-inspiring amidst the skies that are slowly turning into warm hues of deep orange and purple.

As the yacht takes a cruise around the Palm Jumeirah, you can freshen up with some light drinks on board and wait until the golden sun bids its goodbye for the day. This riveting moment creates the perfect backdrop for a heartfelt wedding proposal or even a passionate wedding kiss.

As your yacht charter cruises by Atlantis The Palm, you can feel the enchantment in the air. Gaze at this landmark resort that is boldly facing the Arabian gulf. Feel it oozing with the mythical aura of its namesake, the Lost City of Atlantis, and the elegance of its Arabian character. Add the charming sunset into that image and you’re in for a magical visual feast.

Obviously, you can’t let the moment pass you by. Capture its beauty and preserve it for all time. Sunset photography famously yields the most breathtaking pictures. This one is no exception whether you have a top-of-the-line DSLR camera or a handy smartphone.

The historic legacy of Turkey can’t be visited in a single day and for that travellers need to charter gulet cruises Turkey. These cruises come in two varieties, one in which you book one along with some other travellers which will keep you in a group. The other one is in which you charter a single cruise where you can spend some real quality time with your near and dear ones. The latter is among the most popular ones as it guarantees immense peace and quiet along with great service and facilities. Be it snorkelling in the clear waters of Turquoise Bay, hiking on some secluded Mediterranean Islands or visiting some historic town on the coasts, Luxury gulet cruises in turkey have all the ingredients for a successful and memorable holiday.

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You can find a whole host of gulet holidays Turkey and tour operators on the internet who have a variety of great deals on sale. Check customer reviews and testimonials in the site to better understand the reputation of the site. Before booking any Gulet Cruises Holidays turkey prepare an itinerary for the trip and map out the places that you want to visit. Then accordingly search for the tour provider that gives the best deal on your itinerary and then book it. Have a great holiday!!

For the more active traveler, there are plenty of activities to indulge on right from your back door on a private yacht. Fantasy Reef is one of the most famous diving venues in the world, and it is right on Waya Island, one of the larger islands in Fiji. Or, if you don’t want to deal with all of that gear, simply go snorkeling – with more than 4,000 miles of reef just under the surface, there are many unbelievable places to go to be exposed to the colorful, breathtaking scenery. And, if you get tired of water sports, never fear, there are still plenty of things to do. For example, the islands are very mountainous because they were formed by volcanic activity that still stirs up every now and again. The highest point is on Mt. Tomanivi at over 4,000 feet, so Fiji is actually a great place to go hiking.

However, if you are looking for a more relaxed vacation, a yacht charter Fiji can accommodate that too. Cruise around to the Blue Lagoon Island or any of the other expansive beaches for the day, and take in the beautiful sights from your lounge chair on the deck of the ship. Relax on the picturesque, sandy beaches that are the image of postcards and paintings.

With a land mass that is slightly less than that of New Jersey in the United States, people don’t travel to Fiji because of the size. What they do travel for is the cultural experience, the scenery, and the sport, and a private yacht will get to you all of those things, no matter what your reason for coming to this tropical paradise.

What are the membership?
These are special memberships that you buy, and after making the purchase, you will receive a membership and then activate receipt. Once you purchase, the

membership is good for your life. When you activate your membership, there is a special website which you can use. You can search for apartments over the

world. With this membership, you will be able to reserve an apartment online, quickly and easily. You also have access to the representatives who can help

you with questions or reservations.

Understanding the Benefits
There are many benefits to buying these special memberships. First, you will find that you can save big time on holiday. In fact, you’ll pay much less for

condo rentals than you would pay for a hotel room. Another advantage is that a holiday is much larger than a hotel room. You’ll be able to have your family

with you if you choose to. Using this membership makes it extremely easy and affordable to rent a vacation apartment and have the vacation you deserve.

How can they be used?
Many people wonder how this condo memberships can be used. Well, you just use them to get the best deals possible to rent the apartment. You’ll find that

you can use the membership to get an excellent condo and in some cases you may even be able to use them to get a villa for your holiday as well. Special

“hot deals” offered to those who have enabled memberships.

These deals are very special rates offered on a weekly basis for renting apartment. In fact, you can even take a special e-mail to notify you of these

special offers on a weekly basis. For a holiday of fun, these lifetime memberships are used to hire the best vacation condo deals without reservation costs

and no blackout dates.

When to use Condo Memberships
Yes, if you must use your condo membership? Well, if you want to book a condo, you can use the membership. In fact, if you go on a vacation every decade or

holidays, your condo membership is good. There are vacation condo that are available all over the world. Some of the places where you can enjoy a holiday

comprise more than 200 countries, including Mexico, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, at various locations in the United States, in Europe, and much


This deal is worth exploring. Your vacation does not have to be beyond the scope of this year. The flat lifetime membership, you can save big time. Find the

condo you want, use your condo membership, books, and then go on vacation – one that is long overdue.

Extras, freebies and benefits

As demonstrated above, nor a blinkered nor a panic attitude to work travel coverage. Instead, it can provide a good idea and simply design a useful plan,

and much more. Typical plans focus not only on the loss, theft or disaster, they go beyond the extremes and diversify into specialized niche activities. For

example, many providers offer extras such as golf coverage, free offers such as free insurance for the children, and a series of exclusive advantages in

certain locations. Ask, and you may very well received!

Ongoing peace of mind
Best Family Beaches
Ultimately, the compelling reason to take out a travel insurance is peace of mind. When you’re lying on a deck chair or swooshing down alpine slopes,

diligence and keen eye for the extras that you saw the purchase of the right travel cover will mean that you are facing an overview of all possible risks

without hesitation. You can travel with your valuables, you can dabble in the adventure sport and you can send off your bags on the conveyor belt without a

lump in your throat. Ultimately, the reason to stop and think to save money and also ensure that you end up with the right policies – so you do not have to

give a second thought, while you’re on vacation. Priceless!

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Massachusetts minimum pay may be .50 by '16
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Lessard photos 'Glory of Massachusetts' at Science Center in Norwell
Photographer Greg Lessard of Middleboro, band director at the Gates School in Scituate, is showing his portfolio, 'Glory of Massachusetts' at the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell this month. Several dramatic images of Scituate Light are …
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DA: Pa. police shooting of Mass. suspect justified

DA: Pa. police shooting of Mass. suspect justified
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pennsylvania State Police were justified in fatally shooting a Massachusetts man who abducted his girlfriend's 8-month-old daughter and held a knife to her throat after leading police on a car chase, a western Pennsylvania prosecutor …

'Upskirt' ban in Massachusetts signed into law
(CNN) — Modern-day peeping Toms in Massachusetts, the sorts who get their thrills snapping "upskirt" photos on crowded subways, now have their behavior criminalized. Gov. Deval Patrick signed a bill Friday, according to his office, making …
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Missing Teen Located in Massachusetts
She was located this morning in Massachusetts with a friend. Detectives are investigating the matter as a possible interference with custody. An earlier story follows: Police are seeking the public's help in locating a missing Derry teen. Angelica …

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Mass. DA: No criminal charges in school drowning
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts prosecutor won't be filing criminal charges after an investigation of the drowning death of 12-year-old boy at a Springfield school last year. Hampden District Attorney Mark Mastroianni said in a report …

Massachusetts Legislature passes 'upskirting' ban
(CNN) — Massachusetts lawmakers Thursday passed a bill banning "upskirting" in response to a ruling by the state's highest court that said a law aimed at criminalizing voyeurism did not apply to the snapping of secret photos up a woman's skirt. The …
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State police arrest Hillsdale man suspected of Massachusetts bank robbery

State police arrest Hillsdale man suspected of Massachusetts bank robbery
State police arrest Hillsdale man suspected of Massachusetts bank robbery. Story · Comments. Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Previous Next. State police arrest Hillsdale man suspected of robbing Mass.
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Massachusetts man who ran family heroin business sentenced to 12 years in
PORTLAND, Maine — A Lawrence, Mass., man who supervised a family drug trafficking operation in Maine and New Hampshire was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court to 12 years in federal prison. Efrain “Cheech” Urena, 23, also was sentenced to five …
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Massachusetts City Sees 15 Drug Overdoses in 24-Hour Period
Drug abuse, especially when it comes to opiates like heroin, has run rampant in Massachusetts as of late. According to South Coast Today, "in FY 2012, Southcoast hospitals treated a total of 219 heroin overdoses, officials said. With four months …
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